Puebla, Mexico (IP Servicios Eléctricos)

Our Services

IP Servicios eléctricos SA de CV was founded in 2009 and since then has been acting independently in the successful execution as a personnel service provider in various projects in Mexico and around the world.

IP Servicios eléctricos SA de CV offers services in software design, electrical assembly, commissioning, robot programming and project management, as well as internal training and instruction for our customers.

In collaboration with various universities, we train students directly on site in cells with PLCs and robots of various brands, in order to be prepared for future challenges.

Together we carry out projects in the USA, Mexico and Germany.

Wolfsburg | VRS – Virtual Reality Services

Our services

In 2018, InPro electric VRS – Virtual Reality Services – was created at the Wolfsburg site by combining expertise in the areas of robot offline programming (OLP) and virtual commissioning (VIBN).
VRS acts as a link between the design department and the project teams. VRS prepares engineering data, then simulates, tests and packages the data for simple and fast further processing on the construction sites.
In addition, VRS supports all project trades with expertise, experience and passion.  VRS convinces as a provider of ideas and innovations, develops tools, concepts and strategies for specifically optimised project processes.
Certified according to TISAX and ISO 27001, VRS provides a secure environment for processing classified information such as plant and component data.
In addition to providing services for internal and external customers, VRS is increasingly involved in the promotion of young talent. Interns and students are given the opportunity to gain experience and successfully complete their studies on various objects, from small engineering models to industrial robot laboratory facilities.

Barcelona, Spain

Our services

In order to continue to meet our challenges and tasks in the area of Barcelona, the Martorell site (Barcelona) was founded in 2017.

Our employees work hand in hand with the main seat of our Spanish branch in Almussafes/Valencia and the partner offices of InPro electric around the world.

Our focus at the Martorell site is on automation technology for complex systems in the automotive industry.

Our portfolio includes, among others, design with state-of-the-art CAD systems, installation of components and materials, programming and commissioning of all PLC, robot and technology controls used.

Our programmers specialise in car body construction, in the departments of conveyor systems, component transport, welding, screwing and adhesive controls, robot base measurements and palletising systems and also support our customers until and beyond handover of the systems ready for use.

The associated project management controls and manages the projects in close cooperation with the national and international clients.

The group of end customers includes the automotive factories and supplier industrial parks in the Barcelona and Pamplona factories.

The Martorell site thus forms the basis for many projects of the VW group in which we have been involved since 2001.