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In order to continue to meet our challenges and tasks in the area of Barcelona, the Martorell site (Barcelona) was founded in 2017.

Our employees work hand in hand with the main seat of our Spanish branch in Almussafes/Valencia and the partner offices of InPro electric around the world.

Our focus at the Martorell site is on automation technology for complex systems in the automotive industry.

Our portfolio includes, among others, design with state-of-the-art CAD systems, installation of components and materials, programming and commissioning of all PLC, robot and technology controls used.

Our programmers specialise in car body construction, in the departments of conveyor systems, component transport, welding, screwing and adhesive controls, robot base measurements and palletising systems and also support our customers until and beyond handover of the systems ready for use.

The associated project management controls and manages the projects in close cooperation with the national and international clients.

The group of end customers includes the automotive factories and supplier industrial parks in the Barcelona and Pamplona factories.

The Martorell site thus forms the basis for many projects of the VW group in which we have been involved since 2001.



InPro electric España S.L.U.
Passatge de Montserrat Domènech n°7 Bajos
08760 Martorell (Barcelona)

Branch Manager
Luis Guijarro
Branch Manager

Tamara Pires


Barcelona, Spain

InPro electric España S.L.U.
Passatge de Montserrat Domènech 7 Bajos
08760 Martorell (Barcelona)