Our services

Our electrical engineering services automate processes in production, assembly and logistics.

We handle all activities during the actual realization and implementation phases. We also offer advice and support during the design and planning phases. In addition, we see our customers through production and operation with a variety of after-sales services.

Our services include:

Development and design

Our range of services includes infrastructure planning of industrial installations such as power and lighting design and energy calculations.

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Project management

Project structure plans, work packages, milestones, kick-off events, are just some of the terms used in project management. More than mere theories, our company puts them into practice.

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Hardware design

Hardware design is conducted according to the planning requirements of the plant supplier taking the design specifications and end customer’s contract specifications into consideration.

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Software design

Process automation cannot be realized without a programmable logic controller (PLC).

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Virtual commissioning/simulation

Time is money, and deadlines on a construction site are always tight. So, before we go to a construction site, we simulate sensitive critical processes within complex automation systems.

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Assembly and installation

Many years of experience in the assembly field puts us in the perfect position to install your system efficiently and of a high standard of quality.

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Robot programming

Programming of the industrial robots in the plants can be done in different ways.

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Commissioning encompasses the entire electrical functionality of the plant.

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We ensure efficient plant operation by means of interactive operator guidance. Clear and unambiguous visual representations on different types of monitors and display systems is of crucial importance.

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Documentation and training

As standard, our CAE-supported documentation includes circuit diagrams that produce error-free results when subjected to syntax checks and which also indicate the actual status of the system.

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Fire alarm systems

Our company is certified in accordance with DIN 14675. We also have a wide range of services for our customers regarding fire alarm systems: installation, commissioning as well as maintenance and in-service maintenance of systems of many manufacturers.

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Data and telecommunications technology

In the vast field of data and telecommunications technology, we deliver comprehensive solutions for office and industrial networking.

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